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Join the Oribi #FoodSystems Programme and Transform the Future of Food Security and Sustainability!

Dear Oribi Community,

We are excited to announce our Open Call for entrepreneurs to join the #FoodSystems Programme running from January to September 2024. The aim of the #Foodsystems program is to empower social entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions addressing the systemic challenges of food security, justice, sustainability, economic inequality, and unemployment.

In order to apply please fill out the application form and email us on in case you experience difficulties or have questions!

Program Overview:

The program will unfold in three distinct phases:

Ideation Phase (January - March):

30 selected social entrepreneurs will work through ideation to identify opportunities for new business models and ideas.

Impact-to-Market Strategy (April - June):

20 entrepreneurs will be chosen to design and implement strategies aimed at making a significant impact in the market over a 12-week period.

Funding Readiness (July - September):

The final phase will shortlist 15 entrepreneurs to enter a 'Funding Readiness' program designed to enhance the investment potential of their ventures and open them up to funding opportunities.

Program Focus Areas:

We are specifically looking for enterprises that address challenges related to:

  • Access to healthy, nutritious, and affordable foods in under-resourced communities.

  • Access to market, quality training, and operations for small-scale farmers.

  • Profitable and innovative farming techniques for a regenerative economy.

  • Reduction of production, household, and retail food waste.

  • Education of food system stakeholders on food security, nutrition, circular economy, and sustainable agriculture.

  • Support mechanisms for food system entrepreneurs, including fundraising support, networking, operationalization, tech-adoption, and enablement.

Testimonial from a Previous Participant:

“As someone who is conscious about the effects of climate change on our food system, I decided to explore organic hydroponic systems as a possible solution. These systems are an excellent way to combat issues connected to climate change and droughts as they require very little space, little water, and no soil,” shares Banothile, a entrepreneur that enrolled in last year’s #FoodSystem program,

Application Process and Q&A Session:

To support the application process, we will host a live Q&A session on Instagram on Wednesday, 06 December 2023. Interested applicants are encouraged to attend.

Diversity and Inclusion:

Oribi strongly encourages women and young minoritized visionaries to apply. The aim is to support early-stage social enterprises and non-profits committed to finding solutions to food security challenges.

Upcoming Incubation Program with AfriFOODlinks:

In partnership with AfriFOODlinks, Oribi will launch a second food sector incubation programme early next year. This initiative will also be directed towards enabling women and youth. Both informal and formal businesses operating within the food system are eligible to apply.

Stay Connected:

Entrepreneurs interested in the AfriFOODlinks incubation program are advised to sign up for Oribi's newsletter and follow their social media pages for updates.

How to Apply:

For more information on Oribi and our programs, including details on how to apply, please visit our official website:

We look forward to receiving your applications!

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