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WomXn Series
Bridging the funding support gap in entrepreneurship for womxn in South Africa

From start to growth, creating an inclusive startup ecosystem through womxn entrepreneurship

The Bridging the Funding Gap - Womxn Series is an advocacy action inspired by Oribi's gender strategy to advance inclusive and equitable economic empowerment for womxn and girls. It is a 3-part curated series of activities, aimed at building strategic networks and creating shorter pathways to funding for womxn impact entrepreneurs.

1. Trust yourself:

We work on cultivating entrepreneurial self-confidence, perspectives, and agency 

2. Trust your project:

A collective of entrepreneurs, experts, mentors, and  coaches who can support inclusive business growth through knowledge sharing and network development

3. Fund your project:

Given the funding gap towards women entrepreneurship, we work on onboarding trust partners to provide unrestricted funding and/or strategic partnerships to womxn.


Join The Movement

Access to a network of womxn-led impact enterprise

Access to opportunities for funding

Networking opportunities with relevant funding and operational partners


Part 1: Group Coaching

Create a safe space for womxn to share challenges and opportunities  in entrepreneurship

20 women-led social enterprises

Part 2: Online Knowledge Exchange

Create a gender-inclusive entrepreneurial network to unlock knowledge exchange
and value creation with successful
social entrepreneurs


60 women-led social enterprises

Part 3: Gender Inclusive - Investor Networking Event

Create shorter pathways between gender-focused actors and womxn entrepreneurs to create linkages between womxn social entrepreneurs and gender-lens funding and operational partners


Willingness to collaborate

Value-driven action

Reciprocity and Solidarity

Individual and Collective Agency

Oribi supports womxn-led, early-stage impact enterprises (6m - 3yrs) addressing SDGs through social innovation.
*PAY-IT-FORWARD womxn encouraged to be programme ambassadors, peer coaches, share resources and
networks within Oribi network

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Partner with us

Please help us find womxn entrepreneurs, mentors, operational and funding partners who would be interested in participating in the advocacy program!

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