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Join the Movement of Positive Impact Food Entrepreneurs: Apply for Oribi’s Incubation Programme

Are you ready to be part of the change in South Africa's food landscape? Seize the opportunity to join the ranks of impactful food entrepreneurs by applying to Oribi’s new incubation programme, held in collaboration with #AfriFOODlinks. Applications are now open until April 18th for Cape Town-based innovators.

Oribi’s latest incubation programme is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of early-stage food entrepreneurs and social food innovators, with a particular focus on empowering young women from marginalized communities. Whether you’re an aspiring food entrepreneur, an informal vendor, or simply someone with a passion for food-related initiatives, this programme welcomes all ideas and visions.

“At its core, our initiative aims to foster awareness about the potential and importance of social entrepreneurship in South Africa,” explains our collaboration partner, AfriFOODlinks. “By working together, we have a significant opportunity to showcase how social entrepreneurship can positively impact our unjust, unsafe, and unsustainable food system, while reigniting our innate sense of community solidarity as Africans. The solutions to malnutrition and hunger may be closer than we realize.” Facilitating connections through coaching and mentoring is a cornerstone of the AfriFOODlinks incubation programme. Two South African female social food entrepreneurs and mentors exemplify Oribi’s commitment to fostering a sustainable ecosystem within South Africa’s food system, where stakeholders support and uplift each other.

Nomvuyo Ntantala

Hailing from Gugulethu, Nomvuyo Ntantala is a self-development coach on a mission to deepen community bonds through social entrepreneurship. She has been instrumental in mentoring young female entrepreneurs from marginalized backgrounds, encouraging them to connect with their true passions and potential.

“Food businesses offer immense opportunities for social enterprises,” says Nomvuyo. “They should not solely focus on profit but rather on the value they bring to their community, whether it’s on a national, social, or spiritual level. Food insecurity plagues many townships in South Africa, but I firmly believe that no one needs to go hungry. Bartering, a practice deeply rooted in our African identity, can be a powerful tool for addressing both malnutrition and waste.”

Nomvuyo’s “Ukuphumla Garden” at Vukukhanye Primary epitomizes her innovative approach. By offering fresh produce in exchange for recyclable waste, she not only addresses food insecurity but also combats the negative effects of poor plastic disposal and pollution. Her vision extends to expanding the garden, utilizing recyclable materials for furniture and art, and establishing additional agricultural operations to benefit her community.

In her spare time, Nomvuyo mentors young female entrepreneurs within Oribi’s Girls in Business Programme, empowering them to discover and pursue their passions. Her philosophy centers on nurturing self-respect and community assets, which she believes are abundant in townships and hold the potential to foster a sense of belonging and connection among residents.

“I believe that what Nomvuyo does is interesting and different and very much needed in Gugulethu,” says Miss Nomfusi, Head of Department at Nomvuyo's garden.

Jade Orgill

Another inspiring figure in Oribi’s incubation programmes is Jade Orgill, a Human Development Specialist dedicated to combating food insecurity in the Western Cape. Through her social enterprise, “The Sprightly Seed,” Jade establishes food gardens in schools, emphasizing sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Jade’s projects not only provide nutritious meals for children but also engage them in the process, fostering a deeper understanding of food production and nutrition. Her latest venture at Bel Porto School in Lansdowne embodies this approach, integrating ecosystems and community involvement to create a green, educational hub.

The stories of Nomvuyo and Jade exemplify Oribi’s mission of purposeful matchmaking and collaborative growth. Through the incubation programme, Oribi aims to support and amplify the voices of entrepreneurs driving positive change in the food system.

The AfriFOODlinks Incubation Programme offers selected entrepreneurs access to mentorship, coaching, networking opportunities, and grant funding. By bringing together diverse voices and expertise, we can catalyze meaningful change in food systems across Africa.

If you’re a food entrepreneur based in Cape Town and ready to create change, we invite you to apply for the AfriFOODlinks Incubation Programme today. Together, let’s redefine the future of food in Africa and build a brighter tomorrow for generations to come.

Apply now and be a part of the AfriFOODlinks movement!

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