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Unlocking inclusive economies with girls, and their allies

Bridging Gender Equality and Social Innovation, through challenge-based design

The ORIBI Girls in Business program inspires girls to become womXn innovators who will lead and change the world.
It is a social innovation program providing awareness and social venture building skills for 200+ young girls in Township high schools.

Youth of South Africa still accounts for 59% of the unemployed population. Moreover, young women and girls continue to be marginalized in the South African economy and are at risk of increasing women-based violence.
We use social innovation and social enterprise to unlock new career pathways for young girls to unlock their independence, agency, and develop entrepreneurial mindsets for positive
social-ecological value.


Selection Process

Awareness talks with girls

Innovation Challenge

Community deep dives with local organisations

Girls in Business is a 3-STEP innovation program designed to help young girls identify problems they are passionate about, find innovative ideas and create business opportunities.



Innovation Bootcamp
All-day activities with 100 girls exploring problems and ideating possible solutions.


Design Sprint

5 projects, 25 girls, selected for mentoring and coaching support to develop idea into a minimal viable solution.


Venture Building
2 to 5 projects awarded a seed start award to
turn their solution into an operational
social venture.

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Become a Partner

We are looking for operational, mentoring and funding partners to help us access more young girls in urban townships and rural schools.

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