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About Us

We support entrepreneurs with skills development, financing and networking opportunities. We enable the creation of financially thriving, inclusive, and alternative systems for a better society!

Bridging the Gaps in the World’s Most Unequal Country

Our Mission

The South African economy requires a sustainable reset that is just and inclusive - embedding positive social, economic and environmental wellbeing. 


We believe that the next economic revolution of Africa lies within mutual value creation between formal and informal economies.

ORIBI supports innovators aiming at establishing solutions that increase economic participation as well as achieve socio-economic and ecological goals within localized contexts. We focus on solutions unlocking the full potential of untapped markets.


1. Relationships

Meaningful connections and commitment in order to build economic and social capital through collaborative effort

2. Information

Access, relevant education, on-demand, leveraging knowledge relationships

3. Systems

Build bridges to create market access, strengthen economic (buy) power, make local agency visible, influence institutional will

The oribi advantage

Our incubation model is underpinned by cohort-based learning, collaborative action, design thinking, agile and systems thinking principles. 


Through tailored training and development programs, we bring together high potential local entrepreneurs who are willing to commit to working together and collaborating with supportive players in existing supply chains, to transform the system from within (to protect and develop the “first mile”). 


By ‘first-mile’ ORIBI believes that change should come from within, with, and/or for marginalized communities. 

Committed to gender equality

At ORIBI, we apply a gender-focused enterprise development approach to all our actions:


  • Building on women's agency to support local economies

  • Enhancing the use of technology and gender-inclusive approaches to support the growth of gender-smart social enterprises​

  • Ensuring all genders have equal access and shorter pathways to opportunities 


Want to join the movement?

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