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Embark on a transformative journey to develop tangible and sustainable business solutions, and raise awareness of entrepreneurship, social responsibility, and gender equality in South Africa.


We are looking for entrepreneurs

Our programmes improve social entrepreneurial skills amongst young people and women in order to boost relevant and lasting job creation and job sustainability efforts in SA.

Why choose Oribi?

Business fundamentals and expertise: All the resources and connections you need in order to launch and run a successful, sustainable business


From ideation to investment readiness: A 9-month step-by-step approach that fits your own pace and needs. From securing your business model to accessing your first financing opportunities.


Networking: Join an international network of entrepreneurs, mentors, innovators, and corporates ready to boost your business!

We are looking for mentors

Are you interested in supporting a social enterprise that
makes a real, sustainable difference?  

Join Oribi as a mentor and utilize your own change-making power by providing expertise to our entrepreneurs.


Why become a funding partner?

We offer innovative leaders from multiple sectors the opportunity to go beyond conventional philanthropy by supporting economic and environmental development through entrepreneurship support. 


  • ​Focused approach on social and environmental development through key priority SDGs framework

  • Tax benefits through our PBO status and 18A Exemption Tax certificate

  • Transparent and comprehensive evaluation, monitoring, and reporting approach”

Read our report to learn more about how funders and sponsors bring value to and benefit from Oribi network.

Join The Movement

Businesses supported by us

These are just some of the businesses we have helped and supported:

partner logos_0002_order kasi.jpg
partner logos_0018_Kitchen Republik - Social Media - Normal.jpg
partner logos_0000_foodjams.jpg
partner logos_0006_Sustainability Institute-Full-Logo.jpg
partner logos_0001_shopit.jpg
partner logos_foodprint.jpg


Hear from our social entrepreneurs, and discover empowering ideas and stories that drive collective change.

Our partners
partner logos_0011_PULSE logo.jpg
partner logos_0024_GROUPE SOS logo.jpg
partner logos_0032_AFD.jpg
partner logos_0022_idc-logo.jpg
partner logos_0030_Ambass France logo.jpg
partner logos_0008_Schlmidt Family Foundation logo.jpg
partner logos_0028_babele-logo.jpg
partner logos_0013_Logo-AfricInnov.jpg
partner logos_0003_wakanda logo.jpg
partner logos_0010_PULSE Montreuil logo.jpg
partner logos_0025_finance sense.jpg
partner logos_0014_logo OCZF.jpg
partner logos_0029_ANDE-AspenInstitute-logo.jpg
partner logos_0019_JogJef logo.jpg
partner logos_0026_Feed.jpg
partner logos_0015_logo Fair Food.jpg
partner logos_0023_iclei-logo.jpg
partner logos_0017_LABESS logo.jpg
partner logos_0004_Value 4 Women logo.jpg
partner logos_0033_Abalobi-logo.jpg
partner logos_0020_JICA logo.jpg
partner logos_0031_amandla-logo-dark.jpg
partner logos_0009_SAFoodLab-logo-png.jpg
partner logos_0016_learning avenue.jpg
partner logos_0012_Philippi-Village-logo-header.jpg
partner logos_0027_Denibam.jpg
partner logos_0021_ikamva.jpg
partner logos_0006_Sustainability Institute-Full-Logo.jpg
partner logos_0007_SEA.jpg
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