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Empower Tomorrow's Leaders: #GirlsInBusiness

Updated: Feb 20

It is officially that time of the year again! We are a few weeks away from launching #GirlsInBusiness (GIB) 2024! While our mission remains to equip young girls from Township High Schools with the knowledge and skills they need to become social innovators, today, we are opening a new chapter, and we're inviting individuals like yourself to positively influence young minds. We’re in search of mentors, learning coaches, and facilitators to join our #GirlsinBusiness programme. 

To offer you insight into the impact of our programme, we've had the privilege of interviewing one of our mentors, Lizzy Makhubela, a graduate in BSc in biodiversity and conservation biology from the University of the Western Cape. Here's what she had to say about her experience with #GirlsInBusiness:

Q: What inspired you to become a mentor for the Oribi #Girls in Business program, and how has the experience impacted your perspective on social entrepreneurship?

Lizzy: "A big part of my life is nudged towards making an impact in my community, and #GirlsInBusiness was a project poised towards women empowerment, especially in young girls—a very important cause. I joined this program because I also got inspired to start a similar program back in Nkomazi, Mpumalanga, to motivate girls in schools. The rate of teenage pregnancies is sky high, and there is a need to empower girls to tap into their potential and be independent in their thinking. I am also fascinated by ideas and the impact they could have in changing the world, dedicating my time as a mentor was a worthy cause."

Q: Can you share a specific success story or milestone achieved by one of the girls you’ve mentored, and how did your guidance contribute to their accomplishments?

Lizzy: "Growing up, I was shy and afraid to speak in front of people. In the program, I also got to mentor a girl who was just like me. Developing the girls to believe in their ideas and themselves, I believe, has to start by awakening the giant within. My role as a mentor was to develop their self-confidence and nudge them to all participate and add towards the business. Not only having one girl pushing the business, but for all to contribute and understand that their thoughts and ideas also matter. To me, more than anything, that is the biggest milestone we have achieved. Self-confidence emanates leadership to lead yourself and others."

Q: In what ways do you believe mentorship plays a crucial role in empowering young girls to tackle socio-economic challenges through social entrepreneurship?

Lizzy: "As Oribi says, the future is Female! I believe that a lot of girls end up in situations where they are powerless and have to rely on men for things. However, programs like these help challenge the status quo, showing that girls have so much potential that a lot goes untapped due to circumstances. Thus, these mentorship programs and having someone who believes in you is the greatest feeling that a girl can ever feel. From that emanates hard work, inspiration, and empowerment to rise above circumstances and claim their place in the world."

Q: Have there been any unexpected challenges faced by the girls in mentorship, and how did you assist them in overcoming these obstacles?

Lizzy: "One of the challenges I faced was dealing with different personalities in the group. Some were reserved, and some were dominant. However, I had to help the girls to step outside their comfort zone using a 'why', I also used this strategy in situations that required me to step up—'awakening the confidence to step outside your comfort zone.' It was quite difficult at first, but as trust was built, the girls became more confident and contributed to the ideas with regards to their business. I also had to think of activities such as think-pair-share, where the girls would brainstorm ideas and share in pairs."

Q: How do you see the ripple effect of these social enterprises initiated by the girls contributing to long-term positive change within their communities?

Lizzy: "My group was focused on developing a podcast for ladies and women to talk through mental health problems that women and girls face but have no platform for expression. With an addition to wellness classes and guest interviews, this business aims to help redefine what mental health is and highlights how girls and women can take better care of themselves. Long Term, I believe that this business can reach a lot of girls and women by breaking the walls down of what used to be a giant and building safe spaces for women to talk about mental health. I believe this will touch a lot of lives, inspiring many more girls in their shoes and younger that anything is possible with the right resources."

In conclusion, #GirlsInBusiness is not just a program; it's a movement—a movement towards empowerment, innovation, and lasting change. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, facilitator or learning coach sign up here. Join us as we continue to pave the way for future female leaders and entrepreneurs. Together, we can shape a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

If you're interested in getting involved or learning more about our program, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email on Or sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media.

Together we can unlock the potential of every girl and pave the way for a more equitable and prosperous future!

Written by Munashe Dzikiti

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