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Art Legacy's Inspiring Journey in the #GirlsinBusiness Incubation Program

We are delighted to share the latest success story from our #GirlsinBusiness Incubation program. Meet the dynamic duo, Shannon and Esther, co-founders of Art Legacy, a youth-focused pop-up museum in Stellenbosch that showcases incredible talent and sells youth-created arts and products. This team is currently led by two recently matriculated young women from Stellenbosch who are currently undergoing phase 3 of the #GIB program.

Meet Shannon:

"My name is Shannon, I'm 20 years old, and I am from Stellenbosch. I am a go-getter and I am not afraid to put all my focus on what I want to achieve. My best quality is perseverance. I am a hard worker and I always look forward to opportunities where I can grow in all aspects of my life and help others. As a co-founder of Art Legacy, I want to motivate every young entrepreneur not to give up on something, even if it is a difficult decision. Make it as a group and try to make a change in the community with your business idea."

Meet Esther:

"My name is Esther Phiri. I am a hard-working and driven individual who isn't afraid to face a challenge. I matriculated in 2022 and took an uplifting gap year that was much needed. I am currently working as a receptionist. The idea for Art Legacy came from our first #GirlsInBusiness boot camp in Philippi. Our aim was to address challenges that our community experiences, such as household problems, GBV, and abuse. We want Art Legacy to be a safe space for the youth in our community to freely and creatively express their talents."

Art Legacy's Launch:

On the day of the Art Legacy’s launch event, a youthful and vibrant crowd gathered to witness and showcase their outstanding talents. The event featured magic shows, soulful karaoke performances, dance, heartfelt poetry readings, and a stall with beautifully youth-crafted products. Shannon highlights the magic show as a standout moment, but both co-founders expressed their love for every aspect of the launch.

Future Plans:

Shannon shared, "We plan to market our business on social media platforms, we want to engage more with our audience in the community to better understand how we can support them." Esther added, "By attending our shows and buying tickets, you will help us make capital to keep hosting these lively and life changing events."

A Call to Action:

We encourage you to support Art Legacy and the #GirlsinBusiness incubation program by attending their events, following them on social media, and sharing their inspiring journey. As a community, we can make a significant impact and empower the next generation of leaders. Should you want to get in touch with this group feel free to email us on

Thank you for being part of the Oribi family and supporting initiatives that drive positive change. Follow us on our socials and check out our blog to stay up to date with all things #GIB related. Together, we can create a brighter future for all!

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