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Empowering High School Girls Through #GIB Phase 3

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

We are excited to share with you the latest update on our #GirlsinBusiness (GIB) program. This program has been a catalyst of empowerment and inspiration for young girls in Township High Schools for the past two years. Our goal of creating a program that fosters confident, resilient, and forward-thinking young women who create positive change in their communities is stronger than ever.

Phase 3 Launch

We’ve officially launched Phase 3 of the GIB program! We have six groups with 18 girls participating in this phase; these groups completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the program and have received grant awards to proceed to the venture-building phase:

From Cohort 1 we have the following groups:

  • Dream Team - Stellenbosch

  • Being Alive Again - Nyanga

From Cohort 2 we have the following groups:

  • Bright Future Leaders - Nyanga

  • Bright Sparks- Philippi

  • Game Changers - Nyanga

  • I Survive So You Can - Makhaza

Phase 3 Focus: The Venture Building Phase

During the venture-building phase, the girls receive business support to launch their enterprises by learning the basics of running a social enterprise. This phase includes a series of full-day business workshops, coaching, and mentorship sessions.

Businesses Currently Being Mentored

  • Dream team: A youth-focused pop-up museum in Stellenbosch to showcase youth talent and sell youth-created arts and products.

  • Being alive again: A WhatsApp-enabled mental health support chatbot linking professional counselors with young people from low-income communities.

  • Bright Future leaders: A centre for wellness creating a safe and healthier environment in the community to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

  • I survived, so can you: A support system community for the youth going through mental and other issues to come together and find creative and positive outlets.

  • Game changers: Interactive skills explore the platform for youth who have dropped out of school and grade 12 graduates who are struggling to find a school.

  • Bright Sparks: A unique App that provides a comprehensive range of services including career guidance, university/college applications, financial aid applications, encouragement quotes, and job applications, all in one convenient platform.

The Goals for Phase 3 Once Phase 3 is concluded, the girls will be able to achieve the following milestones:

  • Successfully manage the grant they received during the pitching day.

  • Collaborate with potential stakeholders that are relevant to the social enterprises.

  • Shown an understanding on the basics of financial management and the importance of marketing and communication in business.

Personal Experiences of Our Team

Our #GirlsinBusiness team has been deeply inspired by the dedication and motivation of the girls in the program. “When I was their age, my goal was to finish my day at school and go back home and talk to my friends. I truly admire these girls and I cannot wait to continue seeing them succeed” says Martine Kourouma, the lead for #GIB Phase 3. The girls also shared their thoughts on how the program has helped them, Sara from the Bright Future Leaders team says that she has learned the importance of communicating with stakeholders and the program has helped her develop leadership skills.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the #GIB program. We look forward to sharing more success stories and updates in the future as our girls continue their journey towards social innovation and empowerment.

Written by Munashe Dzikiti

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