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Nomvuyo Ntantala: Nurturing Social Innovators

Our #GirlsinBusiness (GIB) program has for the past 2 years been a catalyst for empowering young girls from Township High Schools with the knowledge and skills they need to become social innovators. Oribi is committed to promoting a community of confident, resilient, and forward-thinking young women who feel empowered to challenge the status quo and create positive change in their communities. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing one of our phenomenal mentors, who volunteered her time to mentor our second #GIB cohort. We sat down with Nomvuyo Ntantala, who shared with us her remarkable journey while mentoring the girls on their entrepreneurial journeys. Make sure you follow our social channels and subscribe to our newsletters to receive future updates about our GIB program!

Meet the Mentor: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Social Entrepreneurship

Nomvuyo Ntantala's journey is an inspiring story of her contribution to the development of communities, personal growth, and the power of social entrepreneurship. With a background in community development, she took on a path that aimed to uplift and support her community. Along the way, she fell in love with educating the youth about the power and importance of self-development. This led her to social entrepreneurship where she dedicated her expertise to helping youth in marginalised communities explore innovative ways to address social challenges while encouraging personal growth. Her experience venturing into Social entrepreneurship has taught her the importance of connecting to different individuals. “I find it very important to not box yourself, but to open yourself up to different spaces.” In the world of social entrepreneurship, diverse ideas and collaboration are powerful catalysts for change.

Inspiration to Mentor: Building Self-Sustainability through Connection and Skills

What inspired Nomvuyo to become a mentor for the #GIB program was her belief in self-sustainability through networking and utilising her skillset. She saw the potential for the girls in our program to collectively contribute to bringing positive change within their communities. “When we work together, we can start something powerful. That's what inspired me to be a mentor for the GIB program”

Mentoring Approach: Encouraging Skills Exploration and Self-Reflection

Nomvuyo’s approach to mentoring the young girls from the #GIB program is rooted in her community development experience. At the start of her journey with the girls, she asked them critical questions about what they are good at and if they are aware of the potential to turn their skills into a livelihood. She encouraged self-reflection by asking the girls their passion about and what they would willingly wake up early in the morning to pursue. “I would also ask them, if someone wakes you up early in the morning, what is the one thing you would wake up for and gladly do?”

Overcoming Challenges: Creating a Supportive Environment

One of the common challenges faced by the girls in our program is balancing their entrepreneurial endeavors with their academic commitments. Nomvuyo understood the importance of academic success and put in effort to ensure that the program supports rather than interferes with the girls' studies. She created a safe space where girls can openly communicate their challenges, making the program an enjoyable experience.

Success Stories: Empowering Girls to Overcome Language Barriers

One memorable moment from Nomvuyo Ntantala's experience involved a student who was challenged to pitch in English, a language she needed to be more comfortable with. Despite the language barrier, this courageous student bravely pitched on stage. “Witnessing that growth made me realize that I was blessed that these girls allowed me to be a part of this journey with them.”

The Importance of Empowering Young Girls:

Nomvuyo believes that empowering young girls and equipping them with business knowledge and skills is Important. Programs like #GIB offer many benefits that address various aspects of a young woman's life. It's about more than just entrepreneurship; it's about connecting with peers, engaging with community stakeholders, learning to pitch ideas, questioning and challenging social norms, and realizing their potential as game-changers.

In her words, "It is important for them to understand that they have responsibility for themselves, what they have to say, and what they do with their lives. It is important for them to understand that they are game changers and that they can challenge social norms."

Conclusion: Empowering the Next Generation of Social Innovators

When Nomvuyo isn't mentoring for our #GIB program, she's teaching children in primary schools skills to build a food garden so they can better understand where their food originates from, as well as the importance of recycling, breath work, and storytelling.

With mentors like Nomvuyo, our girls have the guidance and support they need to become confident leaders who can create positive change in their communities. Together, we are building a future where every young girl has the tools and mindset to make a meaningful impact on the world.

Written by Munashe Dzikiti

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