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Cape Town AfriFOODlinks Incubator Calls for Food Entrepreneurs

We are launching yet another Food incubator!

If you missed out on our last food systems incubation program, worry not because we've got a new programme launching: Introducing #AfriFOODlinks!

The AfriFOODlinks project extends throughout African borders and unifies African cities with one goal in mind: placing nutrition at the center stage in local governance. We're all about bringing diverse voices to the table, empowering citizens to shape policies and urban planning that not only ensure food and nutrition security but also champion environmentally friendly practices.

So, if your business shares our vision, then this opportunity is for you!

Here's the breakdown on the types of businesses we're searching for:

Rethink: Do you offer foods that are not only good for you but also good for the planet? We're talking about environmentally friendly and nutritious food.

Regenerate: Do you engage in regenerative agriculture, or collaborating with organic farmers to produce sustainable, environmentally friendly produce?

Reduce: Zero-waste is key! We're on the lookout for businesses that are committed to minimizing waste through innovative manufacturing practices. Think selling and reusing byproducts and switching to biodegradable containers.

Reuse: Opting for renting over owning equipment is music to our ears. We're all about reducing our environmental footprint, one rental at a time!

Recover: Are you passionate about turning organic waste into valuable resources like animal feed or energy? If you're all about recycling and repurposing, you're speaking our language!

If your food business checks off any (or all!) of these requirements, we cannot wait to receive your application! The programme offers mentorship, coaching, networking, and access to funding to help take your business to the next level!

Stay tuned for our call for applications by signing up for our newsletter and following our socials!

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