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Fueling Innovation: ORIBI's Visit to The Hasso Plattner School of Design Thinking Afrika

Oribi's Journey with UCT D-School

We recently had the privilege of participating in the Learning in Practice Tour, hosted by the renowned UCT Hasso Plattner D-School. The Hasso Plattner D-school is a hub for individuals and organizations seeking to harness the power of design thinking to solve problems and drive innovation in various fields.

This engaging session provided us with the opportunity to introduce the participants to Oribi and share insights into how incubators like ours empower design-thinking practitioners to evolve into successful founders who bring their ideas to life.

Alumni Spotlight

One of the highlights of our time at UCT D-School was the presence of one of our outstanding Alumni, Natalie from Roots and Raw. Roots and Raw is a pioneering social entrepreneurship venture dedicated to revolutionising the food industry through sustainable, local, and organic practices. Their goal is to provide people with access to nourishing, high-quality, and ethically sourced food options while promoting a healthier planet. Natalie shared her inspirational journey as an Oribi Incubatee, providing a firsthand account of the transformational experience within our incubation program. She also generously shared insights into her products and offered valuable tips on leading a healthier lifestyle, reinforcing the real-world impact of entrepreneurship on health and well-being.

Exposing Students to the Incubator Ecosystem

At the heart of our participation in the Learning in Practice Tour was the goal of exposing students to programs like Oribi's, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic Cape Town incubator ecosystem. We wanted these aspiring entrepreneurs to glimpse the exciting journey that lies ahead for incubated businesses.

Design Thinking at Oribi

Design thinking is a problem-solving approach that emphasises empathy, creativity, and collaboration to solve complex issues. At Oribi, we embrace the values of design thinking as we work towards our mission of empowering marginalised communities and fostering sustainable development. Through empathy, human-centred focus, creativity, iteration, and collaboration, we strive to create positive and lasting change in the lives of those we serve. By embodying these values, we remain committed to finding innovative and effective solutions to the complex challenges faced by our communities, ultimately making the world a better place for all.

During our visit, the students were able to participate in a hands-on activity that demonstrated design thinking in action. Participants worked in groups to uncover the underlying reasons of a certain social dilemma using challenge tree posters and tools from the Girls in Business (GIB) program. With this, they discovered the power of collaborative thinking and problem-solving.

We also displayed challenge tree posters from our most recent GIB groups that were selected to proceed to the next phase. Giving insight into how this methodology allows diverse young women to work together to discover fundamental problems and develop new business solutions in a single day.

Gratitude to UCT D-School

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the UCT Hasso Plattner D-School for extending the invitation to engage with their talented students. We eagerly look forward to continuing our connection and collaboration, nurturing the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship together.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and insights from Oribi as we continue to empower the next generation of founders!

Written by Munashe Dzikiti

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