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Be a volunteer Mentor in our #GirlsInBusiness education program!

Updated: May 31, 2023

Hey you! Willing to be a volunteer Mentor in our #GirlsInBusiness education program!

Girls in Business is social innovation education programme launched by the non-profit organization ORIBI. This program aims to introduce high-school girls to new career pathways by enabling them to practice their agency and create a social enterprise addressing issues they face in their communities.

PHASE 1: Ideation is an Innovation Day for 100 high-school girls from marginalized Cape Town places to support them in finding an idea for a social enterprise. At the end of this day, 5 teams of 5 girls are selected to enter the second phase.

Phase 2: Venture Design Sprint from May 2023 to October 2023 the 5 teams will be accompanied by women social entrepreneurs as their mentors to help them develop and slowly bring their project to life into a minimum viable pilot through a curated design sprint. In the end, 2 social projects are awarded entry to the third phase.

Phase 3: Venture Building and seed funding grant of up to R20,000 in order to actualize their venture into a youth social enterprise.

What is expected from a mentor?

We Understand the weekly sprint topics and ensure that groups understand and are able to apply what they are learning to complete their weekly challenges.

  • Check-in with your team for a minimum of 1 hour per week (school holidays excluded) 2 face-to-face and 2

  • Whatsapp online sessions.

  • Submit a feedback form to the Oribi team every week.

  • We Provide your team with insights from your own

  • Entrepreneur experience to help them build a solid

  • Social business and create linkages to your network

Why you?

For this role, we are looking for women social entrepreneurs that can be role models for the girls, showcasing that success is a possibility and with enough knowledge or

interest in social innovation, design thinking, and girl-focused practices to facilitate girls’ learning.

By Christian Mpazayabo

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